On the Wings of Mighty Simurgh

Into the Present

     You are vibrating in a certain high tone and still everything around you is in motion. The motions are different now and you can sense a kind of choreograohic system. Forms and energetic lines are changing and building up new forms, appearing in one moment like an angel and in the other moment dissolving in geometric structures harmonically. There are seven circular segments being in harmonic relation to each other and altering their appearance and inner relations circling against their own momentum - and you are in the midst of all this. Outside of these circles you sense beings - or things which looks like beings - with four, eight or twelve winglike features, vibrating and making a strange noise. Triangles of all sizes dominate your field of perception and deep in the innermost region a gigantic octaedric figure forms slowly develop into many self-reflecting prismas.

     "Welcome to my Palace!" - A voice echoed from deep inside your soul. You are surrounded by a large serpentine dragon. He has four or five legs and two pairs of shiny wings are folded around his body. "We are now in my palace. Anything you can see and sense is being filtered by myself in order to keep your mind sane." - You are completely lacking words. The overwhelming impressions are burning deep into your memory and you can understand the old Enoch which experienced similar things and tried to describe them in his primitive words. "Here, in the midst of this all is the sphere which houses my essence - as you know we are often depicted with our flaming dragon-pearl. One moment please, I am readjusting your perception a little for the time we are staying here." - Slowly your inner senses come to peace and a really scenic and beautiful chinese palace emerges and crystalizes from the great symphony of harmony. Geometric shapes slowly shift to walls, floors and ceilings, windows and vegetation. Its wooden walls are painted and many really beautiful pieces of weaving art enrich the dark ebony floor. Shemyaza remained unchanged, however. He guides you into a scenic pagoda in the midst of the palace, surrounded by a chinese garden with a brooklet. Despite of his form, his movements are very elegant.

      "When we left our own solar system we spread over the vast continuum in small groups. I led one of these groups as a navigator to this world, which you call Earth. In the continuum the Earth looked like a place full of harmony and future life. On earth exist only five of these palaces - each of them is asigned to one cardinal direction and this one to the centre, which is the most important one, because it is that of the Navigator. Our number is bigger however but considerable smaller then most estimations. Here we are at my navigation center - the sphere is a part of the heart of the palace. As I mentioned earlier to you, me and the palace are both materializations of myself which only appear different to your senses in the normal space-time continuum of Einstein. Of course this sphere you can see here does symbolize much more then the taoist ideas of it. The palaces have a diameter of roughly 3400 meters and are octagonal - two pyramids merged into one result in an octaedral basement asuming a quadratic base for the pyramids. Our palaces are only reaching 20 to 30 meters of height. Everything what you can sense now belongs to me and are parts of myself. We are pretty well hidden from the eyes of the occasional bystander as we utilize certain ultra low frequencies to manipulate and bend the senses and the minds of humankind to the end of being totally ignored. We are not invisible - we are being ignored at all costs. The appearance of our palaces are strange enough to fall out of the common range of perception, too. Usually we avoid bigger cities but sometimes the paths of humankind and ours cross each other. Recently one palace was even been photographed and they were being painted several times in history. We have much more problems with the space-side visitors and inhabitants of Earth. Sometimes these are even agressively curious towards our presence. Well, the most insisting ones quickly learn that it is not the best idea to be too curious and they gain the opportunity to reunion with the cosmic consciousness after some deeper analysis. The vibrations you sense are created by counter-rotating electromagnetic fields which are strong enough that metal in a distance to this palace is vibrating, and the human consciousness is irritated. Some humans are telling stories of loosing their sense of time, feeling coldness and hearing a kind of high pitched noise, emitting from vibrating street signs, when our palaces are hovering in extremely low altitudes. These fields can be created by the human energetic body, too - but on a much more biological level and much healthier then these here. You are knowing this field as Merkabah - fields. You could not survive here in your physical form. You would loose your senses, all memories and would die of an instant heart attack. Because a palace like this is a rather big thing and obeys certain natural laws, these natural laws have to be payed intense attention and due respect. The magnetic fields are created by extremely fast rotating electromagnetic fields and thus so called Graviphotones are being emitted to enable the palace to hover in the air or move at really high velocities. Well, these things bend your physical senses and the relativistic effects are kicking in here so that you are seeing a palace on photographs from many sides at once. You are also seeing something which is in China and Asia well-known as a part or symbol of us dragons: the Swastika. This ancient symbol of a certain kind of cross you can see emitting in thousands of tiny spheres around the palace's electromagnetic fields. These spheres are moving really fast and are created all along as a side-effect of the interaction between the fields and the moisture and nature of the atmosphere here. The Chinese however consider this Swastikas as an auspicious sign and relate them to the sun - which is, as you know now, not so far from the truth."

     In front of you something like a screen appeares which shows this parts of the earth you are currently flying over. A gigantic pyramid appears on the screen. "Now we are in central China somewhere over the Ts'in Ling Shan Mountains. This pyramid you can see here has an estimated basement length of 500 meters and a height of more or less 300 meters. You won't find any accounts on this pyramid except an old photography, taken from an airplane. We built similar objects on all continents to have locations for deeper and better contact with the earth. Usually we do not need such kind of nexi, but in former times when humankind was different we had errected them as a possibility for humankind to facilitate the contact with us. Some of these structures are still in function. Today we are seldom contacting humans and when we choose so we are much more inconspicuous then we were long ago. We are monitoring the activities of your species very closely. It is not the first time in history that humankind had the potential to eradicate itself. But we do not interfere with the actions and politics humans tend to build up in order to keep themselfes busy ignoring more important things. If humankind is destroying itself in an atomic blast we would look for new shores of experience and other worlds worth staying a time. We are only guests - and I can assure you that we are not interfering with your chosen fate. Our goals are the development of consciousness and not the empty promises of the illusions. Seekers contacting us are always welcome."

      Now a quick sequence of visions overlay your senses. You see remote gompas in the Himalaya, shamans drumming in the Tundra of Siberia, some jungle scenes and seemingly normal humans in modern cities. "When we are deciding to incarnate into a human body we have subsequently the posibility to interact with your kind without you realizing that it is a dragon speaking with you. But we have to take some conventions in power and abilities in order to keep our humanoid vessel in shape and function. The spontaneous self-combustion is one way of leaving the human body quickly and without hesitation. It is usually not necessary - we use this method quite seldom and only on rare circumstances. I myself avoid this at all cost because not only the body dissolves - the nearby vicinity would take considerable damage, too.

      Today not much is remaining of the Watcher-culture. The fog of time and the shrouds of history done the best to remove most memories of the Watchers out from common consciousness and books. The burning library of Alexandria and the looting of the Barbarians shortly after the reign of Huangdi destroyed most valuable treasures of knowledge. In India many fragments of ancient secrets remained buried in the language itself and the old texts - some of them still untranslated. It was a common way of transmitting wisdom. The old ways of knowledge were intertwined with language itself. But even nowadays some little pieces of the Watchers in the cultural transmissions of the Yezidi, the vedic texts of India and in Africa are still alive. In the Shahnameh as well as in the Avesta and the apocryphical bible there are plenty of pieces scattered around. The old Cuneiform texts of Assyria shed some light on the Watcher, too. More obvious is the vast knowledge of the Watcher buried within the Portolan maps of the medieval times where you can find detailed maps of regions how they look liked shortly after the ending of the last ice-age. In the myths you can find many astronomical details which were keyed to amazing and timeless pictures of imagination. We remained outside the centre of human awareness, however. It is our way to dance in the mists of history and imagination, just outside the common sense of reality. But we always appear to humans which are still open to the other worlds of perception."

     Slowly the structures of the palace dissolve into a wild play of geometric patterns. Shemyaza himself remained unchanged, however. "We are reaching the end of the historical part of my tales. Yes, I omitted many things for the sake of time and comprehension. Of course I am going to tell you more freely many of them later on. Let us return now!" - You feel that Shemyaza draws your energetic body with him as he ascends into the sky. It is a clear and bright night with the full moon shining on silver cloud banks. Unforgetable moments he dances with you through the clouds and you feel the sheer pleasure of simple being. Then he smiles and one claw points on the night sky, full of stars. "Here are billions of worlds sharing their light with us. They all are part of the whole continuum and are the whole continuum themself - look!" - During his speech he fetches one bright shining star out from the myriads of stars and holds it within his claws. It shines brightly and white. Then he throws it back into the sky and suddenly a whirling gate appears where the star was just a moment ago. You can see galaxies in the endles cosmos within the gate. With a kind of jump Shemyaza reaches into the gate and both of you disappear with a flash in the continuum. Shortly after that you open your eyes. You returned to the crystal chamber and Shemyaza holds your hand. As you just oriented yourself you can see a little star in his left hand disappearing. "Now you have learned a little bit about us and our deeds. It is time to have a closer look to some things I mentioned. But at first we are going to relax a bit."

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