On the Wings of Mighty Simurgh

What I am talking about here ...

     Stories like this do not begin with the usual Once upon a time. They are disturbing and yet they let you dream. The story I am telling you now is no fairy-tale. Neither it is a legend nor a saga. To give you a hand in orientation I am offering a little insight of the contents here. When you are sitting well at our fire our journey is about to begin.

     Withing the chapter Our Origins I am telling you from our origins and what has driven us to come to earth. It ends at the time when humans appear here on earth. The next chapter is called The Dance of Kali and it tells the story of humankind and our deeds. It ends at the great cataclysm thirteen thousand years ago when the last ice-age came to an sudden end. In the chapter Paths of Life I am telling you what happened until the appearance of one certain person, named Jehoschua Ben Joseph, which became well known as Jesus later on. Much knowledge was being lost during this times. And the memories became clouded, our names and deeds forgotten. Into the Present tells the story of what is left and how we are acting right now. Following the blue arrows you can read the chapters in chronological order.

     Two chapters of the story are outside this flow. One is a table of a timeline, which gives a better and clearer insight into the time-periods mentioned in Paths of Life. and the other one is telling the evolution of human consciousness in europe, based on cave-paintings and the platonic year. Some things may appear strange to you which are mentioned there, but to understand things better it is necessary to tell this story. The discoverer of these paths is Georg, whose intuition and clear sight opened up the contact to the ancestors of the humankind.

      Is everybody in? The story is about to begin ...

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