The Wings of Mighty Simurgh

Welcome to the Wings of Mighty Simurgh!

      My name is Shemyaza and I am honored to be your guide through our world. First I want to tell you some details on my person. I was named Shemyaza by the hebrews and it is not my real name, of course. But it is one of these names you are more familiar with. According to the recovered books of Enoch I am the leader of the fallen Angels which taught various cultural arts to humankind (in particular the hebrew tribe for example). Our deeds were destined to be not so popular amongst the priest caste of these tribes - it is still common knowledge that stupid people can be reigned easily. So it comes that we were condemned by these priests and our fame went into oblivion, at least in most of the western cultures. Later on I will elaborate this a little further.

     As you can see I was not punished for eternity. As you may know we were condemned by IHVH for our evil deeds, Enoch at least tells this story in his books. Sometimes only the half of the truth is being told and the more disturbing things are ignored. So I am quite vivid alife and not at all chained and cursed forever. The author of this Website asked me for an introduction of myself. Finding a good start for this is quite difficult. It is senseless to discuss or describe who or what I am. There are plenty of opinions on this everywhere. Some people adore me under the name Angel Peacock and others try to see the Great Evil Fallen Angel in my person and call me Azazel (although brother Azazel is a different person!): Complete with the nowadays common angelic wings and the christian sugar-coated stuff. Do you know that the modern image of the angels was strongly influenced by the Etruscans? When looking into their vaults you are going to find many angels there - and the etruscians were certainly not christianized. They had their influence on the christian image of the angels, being a crossing between humans and birds, and were themselves being influenced by a much older source: We Watcher had a certain feature - we wore feather-cloaks, made from feathers of the eagle, vulture or owls of the area we were living in. That habit has several reasons and one of them is that these feather cloaks are a status symbol. The other reasons will be explained later - I do not want to bring everything on topic here in the introduction. During the time of the Watcher culture our physical appearance resembled a human being, roughly 2 meters measuring, pale skin and thin extremities. Actually there were some more stocky persons around, but history and time is forgetting many things.

      Recognizing us is rather easy if you are sensitive. Our aura is something which can be described best as like an angel. We are not bound to the flesh - as the humans are not bound to it, too. The difference between us and them is simply that we are aware of this much, much longer. And our consciousness possesses a kind of continuity which is not possible for humankind: For us it makes no difference whether we are crystalizing our path in flesh or not. The difference for us is the perception of the things. So it is not easy for me to describe my natural appearance. At the end of this introductory message there is an image which is showing the appearance of me, when my energetic body is strongly compressed. This kind of folded appearance serves best in communication with humans. We are no higher beings or such, as it is being stated by various esoterics or mystics. Humans tend to categorize everything in some hierarchic systems, even things they do not comprehend. We are simply different and much, really much older. One of my true gestalts can be seen on the title-image. Even the size is correct, it is resembling the uncompressed, true appearance which is strongly influenced by the effects of relativity shortly before we change dimensions or travel to far away locations somewhere in the universe. Later on we are discussing this in more detail.

     For our communication it is best that you have a kind of clear picture of the scenery where I am telling you our story in your mind with my voice as you are reading my words. We are sitting at a beach with dark sand. Far away on the landside there is a cliff and on it you can see some green trees. It is a late afternoon in summer and the sun is shining. But the sky is not blue as you know it but much deeper and more intense in tone. You can see even the stars during daytime - unknown starsigns which are going to be named in many thousands of years in the future from our meeting place and time like Cross of the South, Phoenix, Eridanus or the smaller and the bigger Magellan'sche cloud. Some red clouds hover over the seaside and a little fire is crackling. We are sitting on the beach of the craddle of civilization. I am wearing a dark and silver feather cloak and a staff. I am measuring nearly seven feet, having a pale skin and a longer skull then you are used to. Long dark-brown rastas are falling down and deep blue eyes are looking at you. The rest is left to your powerful imagination.

A Watcher

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