On the Wings of Mighty Simurgh

The Labyrinth of Amazing Paths

      After having an evening meal Shemyaza guides you to a great circular room with a strange looking crystal in it. "This is a bnbn-crystal like the ones which were being used during the final years of the last ice-age for communication purposes over large distances and to manifest our will" - deep within your heart you start to feel a kind of warm resonance and you have the strong impression of a cleansing radiation which penetrates your body and soul. "It served us to finish many things. Its powers can heal and destruct. These stones came from the deepest regions of the earth and they were specially treated and polished. Well, I could tell you some stories on the powers of crystals and their ability to store and send informations, but we are still in the historical part of my tales.

      As we reached earth the first time a primitive form of life was already there. It was a kind of prionic existence, nothing more. We chose to help this special kind of life as an emanation of the consciousness of the planet earth to develop and find a path of self-reflection. It was during that time when we programmed the DNA to keep the key of communication with us via certain methods of meditation, some of them combined with entheogenic substances or other ingredients. The psychonauts of all the ages are capable of unlocking this wisdom and they learn(ed) the marvelous secrets of Genesis. Much valuable things these wise men can find there - and they did, indeed. Although the enemies of these kind of developments are always looking after methods to neglect and deny these revelations and keep the broader masses naive. It is another sign of this conflict between two directions of interests which you can find all over the history of humankind.

      After the fragments of the comet hit the earth not everything was destroyed which was being built and raised. Many people of the old civilization survived the desaster and you can find many traces of their struggle for survival all over the world and in myths. A group living in Northern Africa could retreat into remote locations and was able to keep the knowledge and wisdom of these great times. They hid in subterranean cities in Capadocia for some centuries and weathered out the outrages of mother nature during that times. These cities you can still visit nowadays and they are aging back eleven and a half thousand years. The age of these locations are heavily underestimated at the moment. After five hundred years the nature was calm again and this culture re-emerged to the surface. At a famous lake in the Highlands of Kurdistan they settled down and founded at the Lake Van the settlement which is nowadays known under various names: Eden, Kharsag or Dilman. It was a time of growing and re-establishing the old ways. Contacts with other surviving cells of the old civilization were established and the time of the Annunaki, how they were being named in the sumerian-akkadian myths, began. A time of exchange between these cultures began - but also a time of conflicts which sometimes ended up in wars. Many of the stone-circles were built during that time, as well as the many representations of the astrological star signs on earth. Slowly the culture of the Watcher emerged. Except in China and the Sahara where they strongly influenced the younger cultures they remained among themselves, avoiding the contact with the more primitive cultures which survived the cataclysm. Some of the institutions remained active after the end of the ice-age and they were being utilized by the Watcher to their endings. During that time they re-established contact to the non-human intelligences here on earth but out of regard for their interests I am not relling you more details.

      Shemyaza hands you a small crystal necklace with a heavy platinum chain. "We are going to use the bnbn to reach my palace. Please wear this necklace ..." - as you put the crystal necklace around your neck you feel a little uncomfortable: "And you are sure that anything is Okay? I remember you said that these locations are dangerous for us humans?" - "Yes it is dangerous to humans, but our way of transport and your crystal necklace will do their bit to keep you healthy. Your body remains here at this room as long as your soul is on its journey. The classical shamanic journey!" he laughs and continues with his tale "There is no other way for your kind to enter this palaces. But we are still here in the historical part of the story, bear with me a little longer ...

     The Watcher divided into several different camps. The major part of them remained in the secluded Highlands and continued to keep the politics of minimal intrusion up. Others chose to interact on a larger scale with the surrounding cultures. The Watcher became known under several names in these times: Daevas or Ashuras, the Edimmu of the assyrian myths, the (fallen) Angels of the Hebrews and of course the dragons of China, where the humans were open enough to see us in our natural form - as dragons. A time of many misunderstandings and of hatred begun because the powerhungry priests and rulers of many tribes had no interest at all in normal peoples learning how to inscribe letters and many other things useful. We had to make this step because humankind was about to loose the continuance of consciousness which was a vital part of their existance for many ten thousands of years. It was on one hand a pitty, but on the other hand a necessity for the evolution of consciousness. In ancient scripts like the Thora you can find that the biblical patriarchs reached literally biblical ages of many centuries. One consciousness existed over many centuries in its continuance over many generations. For example the consciousness Methuselach remained in continuance for 969 years - as soon as one body died the consciousness sprang over to the next in line and kept its memories and identity over 969 continuing years. Today many humans never reach the age of 100 years and only a little number remains in continuance - some tibetan tulkus for example. Slowly the memories began to fail and so we invented scipture to save the knowledge over the centuries. Many things we taught your ancestors in these times which you think as totally common nowadays. In these times however midwifery, cosmetics, herbal and medical knowledge were quite astonishing and often weird stuff. But in these times the knowledge was much more intensely and conscious then today. So you can find some jewelry of cryptography in the bible and in the old indian vedic texts. In one poem there is being encrypted the circle number Pi on 35 digits behind the comma! Beauty and Science were in an union in these times and much more in the times more remote. In most areas of the world people looked sceptical at these new ways of thinking - except in China and Asia in general. Tribes in the near East which adapted with open hearts this different kind of knowledge were being hunted down and were extinct soon. In these times our most urgent problem was the ignorance of the upcoming evolutionary steps of humankind in the tribes. Our efforts were misunderstood and termed "devilish" - until today this label remained active on certain parts of the watchers' heritage. One example you may find in the books of Enoch - a normal tribesman was selected to be a kind of embassador. What he understood and what he misinterpreted you can read in his accounts. After we discovered his failure we chose to keep a more intense eye on him and took him to the lake Van settlement. Another curious thing is worth to be mentioned here. The persian mythology even could preserve a title of the travelling Watchers - Simurgh."

      "One moment! You are trying to say that this mythical bird in Persia is a kind of title?" - "Yes, of course! Thumbing through the ancient Shahnameh you are going to find that Simurgh is a rather multitalented kind of bird. Once it even changed gender. It was never only one Simurgh but several individuals, amongst them I myself. The tales were later corrupted and so the mythical bird Simurgh arised from our interactions with the humans in remote times. Maybe I am telling you this story another time. We now reach the times where the knowledge slowly fell into oblivion and the mists of time clouded over the human memories, despite our efforts.

      A second great flood happened in Mesopotamia. The Yezids named it Noah's Flood. It devasteted several cities at the shore of Mesopotamia and its memories soon mixed with these of the first cataclysmic floods of the end of the Ice-Age. If you are looking with open eyes you are going to find traces of the Watcher culture in Catal Hüyük, within the Caves of Shanidar, the Jarmo-Society and of course in Egypt and Asia (China and India). In Europe the tribes were too diverse in their interests, so not much survived the inner turmoils and later reformations of the nations there. But you can find many stone-circles from these time. The most advanced one is not at Stonehenge, but in Vorarlberg. After the second flood the first big cities emerged in Mesopotamia and the Watcher decided to help more directly. But the Watcher culture was already on its descend and as late as 2000 BC their influence diminished in the near East. Their influence remained strong in china for a longer time. Well, the influence of the Watcher ended soon, but we dragons never left our best developed area. So we remained there and continually we were acting rather open and visible, compared to the rest of the world, except South America. In the meantime the Watcher culture melted with the chinese native cultures - as any other intruding culture in later times had to learn: that the chinese culture always is consuming foreign influences without problems. Until the last century some of the most advanced inventions were utilized in China or Tibet. So the smelting of aluminium was known very long and lost recently in the last centuries before christ. In Tibet soundwaves as a method of transmitting power were used until the late fourties in the 20th century. Unfortunately the invasion of the Red Army ended this rather brutally. South America had civilized cultures a long time until their own deeds killed them: an ecological catastrophy finnished the last great civilization there. The memories of the Watcher Culture were kept by the Magi and the Yezids. The Magi were brutally hunted down by the Parsees. Even the Hebrew Zaddikim - the wandering rainmakers - kept secret knowledge of the Watchers. They joined a group of Essenes. And from these Essenes Jehoschuah Ben Joseph was being strongly influenced in his arts. In Asia and Europe much knowledge remained undisturbed in the alchemical traditions and so exact knowledge could be transmitted over many thousand years of the Philosopher's Stone until our modern times. On this marvelous material I could again tell you many things, but I think everything has its time.

      During all these confusions we kept our own plans and actions in secret, most of the time. You certainly are curious about the name of the Watcher Culture - why it is being called Watcher. They knew about us and kept this secret and many other secrets of magic of the ancient cultures. The individuals of the Watcher Culture kept the continuance of consciousness over many thousands of years. Their deed was also to transmitt the knowledge without flaws or corruptions. So they managed to encrypt many things within the Vedic Texts, the Thorah or the Taoistic Texts of China. Keep an eye of the permutations of the I-Jing. Unfortunately the idiotic conquestadores destroyed the ancient texts in South America - they were imprinted on golden plates. Later on I am showing you a specimen of writings of these holy plates. Slowly the Watchers and with them the knowledge about us disappeared in the mists of time and more and more humankind lost their re-ligio and the ability to see us. Around the birth of Christ only Shamans or some initiated ones could communicate with us or even spot us during our flights across the heaven. The knowledge about our heavenly palaces was lost. The Watchers turned into Angels. An interesting detail: In your bible the Seraphim are being mentioned as a special kind of angels. The translation of Seraphim both means Angel and Dragon. Most of the time we can be sensed as dragons and only occasionally we incarnate in a human body as I am triggering your imagination at the moment thinking that I am a human. This is a tale and in reality I incarnated only a few times.

      We seldom influence history directly. Most of the time we live in remote areas or in our palaces and tend to watch the things from a healthy distance. The reason is that you humans have to learn to see your own greatness by yourself. Well, there was one exception until the 18th century. The chinese emperor had the keys to call us and we helped sometimes because of the extraordinary history of China and the fact that there were many things preserved which were being lost over the millenias. Until the end of the ancient dynasties China was a last remaining echoe of a once blissfull time period and if the last ruling empress (Dowager Ci Xi) would not have done such terrible mistakes China would today be a totally different country.

      During his tale Shemyaza touches the huge crystal with one hand. "Please come here, you have to touch me! Lay down here ..." - he waves to a place in front of the crystal. He himself sits down beside you as you lay down. Against your expectations the stony floor is warm. Shemyazas hand touches your third eye and you listen to his hypnotizing mantrams. Your eyelids become heavier and slowly you cross the edge of dreams. But you do not fell asleep! Suddenly you find yourself standing beside your physical body. Shemyaza's body is surrounded by a bright spheroid, measuring several meters across. A 30 meter bright shining serpentine dragon is in its center wrapped around the physical body of Shemyaza. The dragon's body is engulved in a strange kind of field, always in motion and altering its size and shape. You watch how the dragon leaves the body of Shemyaza. The colors of the room are somewhat different - Shemyazas sphere overlays everything and you understand the term "astral light". The head of the dragon turns around and his gaze looks right through your tiny soul. You nearly fainted because of the rush of intense energy flowing through yourself. Then he turned his head a bit and in your mind Shemyaza speaks: "You can see a folded and compressed form of me now which can inhabit a human body for a lifespan. We are going to utilize the crystal powers and we need to be in touch." You can feel a kind of cordel which connects you and Shemyaza. Now Shemyaza simply enteres the crystal. He draws your energetic body with him. Within the crystal sparkling lights surrounds you but you are not blended by them. Then everything around you is reduced to fibres of many colors, sounds and abstract structures. Everything is in motion and for a short moment you merge with the unearthly beauty of the multiverse. Then this experience reduces itself to some fibres and around you a different world emerges from the voids. You are amazed.

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