The Wings of Mighty Simurgh

Our Origins

     When time have begun there were two spherical trinities: one positive and one negative. They started to expand and to differentiate within themselves further and further. The positive spheres became the known Universe. The estimated age of the Universe we are currently inhabiting is 1.75 x 10125 years. That is quite an impressive number and it is much higher then the current scientific oppinion which is assuming the beginning of the Universe is coinciding with the appearance of matter, which became part of the Universe some 13 billion years ago. It is not important here what was happening in the times before this cristallization of matter. I favour the comparison with the Feigenbaum Fractal Curve. At the end of this Feigenbaum curve the cascading cristallization of matter happened with fast expansions like explosions and it broke into your known four dimensional time-space Continuum and all the parallel time-space continua which you cannot sense either because they are outside the visible range or on a different band of frequency.

      The cosmic consciousness existed all the time however. It realized the necessity of manifoldness and evolution. Therefore the Universe sprang into existence. We are more used to use the term Continuum instead of Universe because the latter is too much limiting and many ideas are linked to this term. Within the Continuum the cosmic consciousness experience itself in a myriad of variations. Stars began to shine and the first life-forms became part of the Continuum. Each lifeform shared a little spark of the cosmic consciousness, which is being called Neshamah by the hebrews. The Continuum was young and there were no heavy elements which need the death of a star to come into existence. So the life chose different ways of evolution and many life-forms were really strange to your common understanding of life. In these times we separated from the cosmic consciousness to begin a independent life in order to open up a new opportunity for the cosmic consciousness to experience itself. We lived on the surface and in a really hot star which was still young and we were being a part of it and it was a part of us. Her consciousness and ours were joined together and we were dancing on the surface of our sun. Once a famous british Magician uttered these words: Every man and every woman is a star - well, we cerainly are no stars. We are not burning ourself in order to survive as a star does suffering from its glaring existence. Certainly you are curious now to know where this star of our origins is located in your perceptible part of the Continuum. This is a difficult question and I no longer know the answer. It is difficult to even tell you whether this star is in a visible part of your Continuum or not. We are not making any difference between the manifold possibilities of manifestation which your modern quantum physics imply. We are actually sensing all these things at once.

      During that time we danced between the spaces and the oceans of radiation of our star, which was our craddle and home. The time was filled with the immense love of this central star which engulved us and kept us alive. We were united with the consciousness of our sun. Until today we can feel the echoes of these times deep within ourselves. Since everything is coming sometimes to an end in time, our star once have begun to die. We were divided in two paths to choose: The major part of us could not imagine an existence without the all encompassing compassion and love of the shining star and chose to die within the gigantic supernova to return to the cosmic consciousness. The others - among them I myself - saw the chance to evolve and we separated from our dying star towards its unevitable end. We began our journey into the Continuum to learn new things and to pay a visit to the miracles of its variations.

      We dived into the ocean of manifestation and ranges of awareness to find a new location to live. But this ocean is such a great and overwhelming beautiful experience that we decided to center our focus of consciousness there. And so we became singers of the great oceans of the Continuum. Our own origin, our own star, was already part of the base of future life-forms - her death and the death of many billions of other stars formed the heavier elements which are necessary for the genesis of planets like the earth. We are living beyond the time. Time is just a band of perception like space or your sensual emotions. The nature of time however is prohibiting us from travelling back in time to return to the time when our sun was still alive. We made a decision back then. It is difficult to explain this properly because you are not experiencing this as a human and thus cannot understand how time acts or looks like when you are outside of it at all. Timelessness is nearly impossible to understand in a linear awareness band. Even you are living in this time-less-ness, however you are not aware of it. Vital for our path is that we chose to make new experiences. A reviving of old times would only be a kind of copy of these times and therefore nothing new at all. So we cannot go back in time. Another reason is that we are simply much too curious and there is much of the unknown left for us to explore.

      The Continuum is unbelievable beautiful. It consists of sounds, colours, movement, energy and symetries. It is impossible to describe it in proper terms. Your Voyager satellites recorded a small frequency band of signals that they sent back to earth. Listening to these sounds you can get a faint impression of what I am talking here. However there are some things in the Continuum which we try to avoid. Somewhere we came across something we are calling the Nothingness - it cannot be described and any attempt is failing. It is possible to describe what is happening around this Nothingness. The Nothingness itself is devouring anything in its vicinity: the Continuum is reduced to fibres and is breaking. It is loosing qualities the nearer it is to the Nothingness until it is reduced to the Zero which disappears in the Nothingness - without silence and noise. The Nothingness is not identical to a black hole, as you may think at this moment. Black holes are radiating in many different spectres and their radiation constantly remind us that they once were shining stars. They are not dead nor the Nothingness. They are similar to gigantic computers, they are like serial ports or interpreters. The Nothingness is the absence of everything. A Black hole is only black for your limited optical senses. Nothingness even is not black. It is not the absence of everything nor it is even something which is not absence. It is neither paradox nor a logical thing. We were terrified when we became aware of the Nothingness. But we are still alive and richer in experience after this encounter.

      There came the time then we decided that we want to sing different ways of experience. The endless manifoldness of the Continuum still draws us to the stars. Even when it may appear to you that we are a really long time on earth: for ourself it is only a moment of experience, a tiny chapter of our long story of existence. I navigated to a young world which is located in the outer rim of your milky way. The earth we sensed as a very warm and welcoming presence within the Continuum.

      We joined with the spirit of the earth and became one with it. This union created something new. We got the possibilities to live within biological organisms which are at home on earth. Life as it was unknown to us until then was at its first beginnings. We were full of joy, mathematical transformed and limited our ranges of awareness in order to be able to divide between energy and matter as two different states of energetic existence. There were some adaptions necessary for this kind of transformations. Looking at the title-page you can see our normal size and a part of our appearance which is not so compatible to the tiny life-forms on earth. We folded space to reduce ourselves to a more convenient appearance and gestalt. Matter is only a certain frequency to us. And to have a stable point of anchoring our perception and awareness nine heavenly palaces came into existence. They are flying traingular objects, measuring some 14 thousand feets across. In china these things were being called palaces and I am adapting this terminology here. These palaces serve as a point of retreat, perception and monitoring. As soon as we choose to return to the vast wide spaces of the Continuum these palaces are dissolving and returning to the individual power field to which they belong. I realize that you are having some troubles with this concept. So I am using a kind of indirect description to enlighten your mind a bit. Imagine that your threedimensional world is suddenly reduced by one dimension to a two-dimensional sheet Universe. As a twodimensional being you will see the hand of a threedimensional being as a certain shape in front of you. On a different location in your sheet-Universe there is appearing a smaller shape our from nowhere, being the thumb of the other hand of the same threedimensional being. Both shapes do not have any connections to each other, neither in time nor in space - at least for a twodimensional being. Got what I mean? I am sure you are still having a question left. You want to know why no one has ever seen one of these palaces until today. The disturbing fact (for you - not for us) is that they actually were being seen, even photographed. Anyway, we are much more interested in remaining undiscovered. We have our methods to keep out of the consciousness of humankind - and we are not using invisibility.

      For us life on earth is something fascinating. We have our pleasure in perceiving and interacting with it in various ways and paths. As life went on eventually appeared a life-form which had the possibility to host a higher consciousness then the normal animal one. The delphins are deeply emotional beings and we are appreciating them much. Some of us incarnate in delphins. Later on we detected even more life-forms which shared this possibility. It seems to be a vital part of evolution on earth. One life-form is being called the human. The human soul is learning on itself - just like the cosmic consciousness is doing all the time. The further this process is evolving the more potentials the human soul can unlock. We decided to help the humans making these steps as long as we remain on earth.

      At this point Shemyaza ends the first part of his story. He stirs the fire a little bit and looks up into the skies. The sun proceeded on its way to the horizon and nature is slowly preparing for a warm summernight. The red clouds over the sea become darker and more vivid in colour, reflecting the red rays of the evening sun. Shemyaza serves a warm and inspiring drink. "It is a mixture of certain herbs - the effects are similar to alcohol but without side-effects and much more beatiful. Cheers!"

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