On the Wings of Mighty Simurgh

The Dance of Kali

      Once humankind was still young another branch of humankind was living on earth - the homo neandertalensis, so its contemporary name. At first we concentrated on the older Neandertaler. They had some differences to the modern human. Their legs had very robust joints and could jump from high above without taking any damage. Their eyes were fixed and thus they had to move their head to see everything around. If you ask me, the Neandertals were the inventors of cold resistance. They were calm and deep thinking peoples. The beauty of their culture became obvious in its simplicity and unity with nature. However due to certain incidents they were succeeded by the more modern human.

      We did not influence these developments. We felt a deep joy that the Earth found new ways of self-reflections. So we chose to accompany the human race on their first steps. They could sense and interact with us easily so we had not the necessity to incarnate in matter. Their range of perception was indeed much more natural and wider then it is today. Just as humanity have begun to stand on its own feet a really great disaster stroke the earth. A mega-vulcano erupted in the western ranges of the pacific ocean, somewhere near the Phillipine islands. A many years lasting night began and several huge Tsunamis destroyed anything on the coasts and further back in the land. Humankind was nearly extincted - and the Neandertals were already supposed to be history in these times. The Neandertals still existed but they retreated into subterranean regions and in far remote areas, where homo sapiens cannot survive. I am not allowed to tell you where they went and whether they are still around somewhere: they uttered the wish to remain undisturbed. Back to the vulcano and its eruption! The eruption took place 75 thousand years ago. The Earth possesses several of these gigantic overpressure relief valves. Today one of them is known under the name Yellowstone. It is well known that this vulcano is overdue in its schedule and it must be said that it may erupt in the nearest future.

      After the Darkness and nearly extinction the few survivors fell back into a state of savagery and it took them many thousands of years to develop the first and longest lasting culture on Earth. The primodrial mother which is the parent of all modern humans living and who is the primal ancestor to all humankind lived shortly after this eruption somewhere in Africa. She could be identified through intense analytical efforts of mitochondrial DNA. She was being called Eva. Well, the mentioned culture developed over two complete platonian cycles. One platonian cycle lasts approximately 23 thousand years. So this culture grew and continued to evolve over more then 45 thousand years. Humans had a different kind of consciousness then you are familiar with. Their minds worked quite different and they were living in a continuance of being. When an individual died the memories returned to the continuance and the newborn awoke with full memories of its former being. Time had no significance, there was no today, tomorrow or yesterday - only the everlasting NOW.

      It was a magic time. The cradle of this culture is a location where you never would have expected it to be. I have to tell you some modern concepts on these things first.

      Again Shemyaza offers you something to drink. The evening transforms itself to a warm night. "Soon we went to the manor for something to eat, what do you think?" - you do not hesitate for long, your stomach already agrees. After he lid his pipe, Shemyaza continues his tale:

      I am pretty sure that you have heard something about this Atlantis myths which are quite popular among the more aahh ... - spiritual ... - people in modern times. There are really many interpretations on these platonian tale. Most of them simply ignore the fact that it is telling a story of a whole continent which sunk beneath the waves and not a mere island. Plato gave some hints where this continent can be found. Unfortunately these informations are ignored most of the time or misinterpreted. To be honest, his informations are not the best. Okay, take a globe and look at it. One quick glance opens up the fact that there is no sunken continent anywhere on Earth. A whole continent does not simply disappear and cease to exist. This simple fact is being ignored most of the time and in most so called scientific analytical works on Atlantis. But there is one continent on this globe, which is an obvious candidate. Look at it and you will find a whole continent, buried under snow and ice: the Antarctica. By the ways - we are sitting at the shore of Antarctica just at the time when the first civilization was at its best. The continent of Antarctica was the center of this culture - it was free of ice since the ending of the last ice-age when the polar axis was displaced several thousand miles in a moment. During this time the axis mundi was pointing at the star sign of Draco - to be more precise: the Eye of the Dragon.

      You look around - and yes! Why did you not notice it before? The sky is that of Antarctica and not to mention the pinguins, which you already noticed but could not fit in somehow. As you are realizing this, Shemyaza the Watcher continues ...

      In the times of the peak of this culture great achievements in architecture, the arts and magic came into being just as easy as you are breathing. However you cannot compare these achievements with modern inventions. They base on totally different principles and philosophies. So the peoples simply knew how the exact number of Pi looks like. They knew this not out from rational analytical deductions but from their pure and direct perception of the universe. There was no difference between inner sight and analytical mind. They had a completely different and true holistic view of the things and lived accordingly. Even language was not really necessary except for manifesting their art. They used the same brain and body as you are using currently and yet they were totally different from your modern people. The most complex arithmetical equations they could solve in a spur of a moment simply by thinking about its beauty. They could invent melodies and anything just by playing it and listening to the sounds of spacetime. They achieved many things but near to nothing survived the soon coming period of darkness. They manipulated matter with sound so that it became mouldable and they could fly without thinking on such things as gravity. They moved the heaviest items through the air just by pointing and whistling at them.

      These humans gazed at the stars and saw that the Earth was following a certain pattern. Its cycle repeats in a really long lasting time period of 24 thousand years and they differentiated between several regions in the sky. The star signs were born and we immortalized our influence within the star sign of draco. During that time humankind stand in direct contact with us and we helped generously and with joy. We had a happy time then, exchanging with the self-reflecting Earth knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes the Earth allowed us to utilize a human body to see with the eyes of the Earth.

      As everything has its ending, these times were not peacefull at its decleaning and wars began to take their toll. These wars were much more brutal and merciless then they are today in modern times. Some traces you still can find in Siberia or Brazil. The tales of the Veda describe some of these conflicts and who was envolved in them. However these accounts are mixed with later events and it is quite difficult to sort them out, believe me.

      From where they originated or who they are I won't tell you. There are things that better remained untold otherwise too much attention would be paid to them. Attention tends to give power to the things it is being payed to. Unfortunately I have to duty to mention at least some of these things. We are not alone here on Earth. Among the intelligent species the humanity and another group (not the Neandertals) are the indigenous and native people of Earth. But there are other groups of power and interest which think to play their games here on Earth. Most of them are more or less harmless but there is one group worth mentioning which enters the history of Earth at this moment of our tale. It is the birth of the Lie and of Falsehood. The mentioned wars were a consequence of their intervention. On one side there is the freedom loving, beautiful mankind and on the other side there is a power which enslaves your minds and take away your free will in order to reduce you to a kind of tool. It is a pitty but the myths are hopeless mixing up things that it is sometimes near impossible to tell which side is being mentioned in the tales. To make my tale a little bit easier to comprehend I am inventing the term "the Enemy" for these powers which are indeed the enemies of Freedom, Beauty and Manifoldness. They are the foes of any individuality and development.

      In these times there existed many different kinds of cultures among mankind. It was similar to todays multifacetted culture: A highly developed antarctic civilization which went to the sea and founded colonies all around the world in America, Europe, China, India, Africa and Australia. The native tribes there intermingled with these colonies and thus some unique kinds of culture emerged in these times. However there were enough tribes around which condemned anything they could not comprehend. The Enemy stirred up this fires and urged them to walk the path of war against the higher developed culture. A long time this was no real problem because it was an easy task to end up these schemes. The time has not yet come when everything would be different. But the seed of the forthcoming times was already there.

      In theses times of high flying civilization the sky sent signs of a forthcoming desaster: a comet crossed the path of the Earth and was about to collide with it. The comet was going to hit the Earth somewhere in the East of nowadays Cuba. The angle of impact was oblique and its power of impact quite apocalyptical. There was enough time left for mankind to think of ways to pass down their knowledge and ways of thinking to the far remote future, when mankind will be again at its highest and understand what they left them. They found three ways of transmitting their wisdom. They could not relay on language or writing systems - themselves they did not use symbols for communications. It was an invention much later done in order to meet some developments (more of this later). The future generations should be able to understand their message, regardless of their language. So they used an absolute kind of language.

      As mentioned they found three different methods. The first one was architecture and the other one mythology. Both together offer a rather clear picture of the knowledge and immense wisdom of this civilization which they wanted to be handed down over thousands of years. Within architecture they embedded all important relations and constants of geometry and mathematics and they incorporated even astronomical informations there. Within myths they transmitted the exact numbers of cycles and certain rhythms. Amongst them the platonian cycle and the actual age of their culture. The third method consist of transmitting more practical knowledge. Certain tribes inherited the innermost secrets and spread over the earth. One part remained in northern Africa and others divided themselves in India, China and Polynesia - where it survived nearly unchanged until the late 18th. century among the Kahuna. We were very sad and we had to watch the ships leaving the shore never to return. The cataclysm was not unexpected and the two fragments hit the Earth where it was being predicted. The materials thrown up at the impact rained down in America and left a wide fan of fiery devastations. The momemtum and angle of the impact the lithosphere was displaced approximately three thousand kilometers in a short moment and the age of ice came to an sudden end. The Tsunamis were the Nemesis itself and many weeks their brutal force devastated anything. The Antarctica continent was suddenly thrown into an ice-age which still lasts. Europe experienced the contrary and big glaciers suddenly ended their existance. In Siberia and the Northern parts of Indoeurope the cold shocked the life there and you can still find frozen mammoths and other animals in the midst of their acitivties. Mankind survived this grim Harbinger of Death but remained traumatized of this encounter until today.

      It were hard times back then. We saved much of the ancient culture and hoped that after the end of this Chaos there may be some possibilities to revive some fragments of it. Our palaces could not serve as asylum, they are not made for mankind to live in there. The time after the ice-age began. Mankind was not extincted but reduced in numbers. The cultural level returned back to the niveau, which is nowadays known as neolithic. I remember flying over a black sky watching the inferno below which engulved the dream of wisdom.

      Shemyaza endet this part of his tale. The fire was already burnt down and both of you went inside a flat building with open and friendly windows. A warm light shows you the path to walk and you can hear faint music in there. In the main lounge you see some other Watchers, all of them wear feathery cloaks in many colors. Some of them sit around a wooden table and some are talking under the stars on a veranda. Inside the building hang precious tapestries made of colored feathers, showing scenes of the life in Antarctica and many, many dragons. As you enter the main room one of the Watchers laughed and greets you "Welcome here! My name is Raphael, I am sure you have heard this name elsewhere already!" - he led you and Shemyaza to a table full of an opulent evening meal, just waiting for you.

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