The Wings of Mighty Simurgh


      Mythology and archaeology are two fields which are destined for fancy interpretations and weird stuff. Recently I read a headline mentioning that a scientist had discovered Platon's Atlantis somewhere in the Adria. Of course he would need only some hundred thousands of Euros to complete his research and to bring vital and tangible evidences. Well, one thing is obvious, regarding Atlantis and such: the search after this myth can be lucrative and the charisma of this lost continent is still very strong.

      Here on this Website I am not discussing these things. It is not dealing with the hoards of reincarnated Atlantians or the esoteric nonsense which is strongly growing around Atlantis and which are more or less a kind of decadent wishful thinking. But on the other hand I am not having the inclination to offer anything scientific on behalf or against these myth. Please take this Website as a piece of art. I have decided to use the style of a narration. The narrator is Shemyaza (he introduces himself) a leader of the Watcher culture in the past who is nowadays somehow famous in certain circles. Shemyaza tells the story of the Watchers and their history in his own perspective. The only non-fictive parts of this Website are the texts of the introduction, the impress and on my person. Any other thing is part of the narrative. It is up to you to decide how much of the story may be eventually true. It is not relevant for a piece of art to be reflecting the truth (whatever this truth may be). Remember that there are possibly no absolute truths at all.

      Everywhere on the world you can find traces and tellings from a long lost time period. The official scientific opinion however is having its problems with these tellings and simply ignores many details. Many religious texts like the hebrew Thora, ancient chinese texts, the old indian Veda or the native american tellings are sharing some common features that are clearly describing a civilization much higher developed then officially possible in that times. The name of this Website for example: Simurgh. It is a famous mythical being which had some strong influence on the humans in mythical times - what does this bird telling us? In chinese sources feathered charriots are flying through the heaven, some of these drawn by dragons. The apocryphical books of Enoch which were discovered in the 18th century are giving a clearer picture of a culture of high developed beings, called the Watchers. Its members had some intercourse with humans and the offsprings of it were called Nephilim in this books. Two famous symbols are connected with this ancient culture: the Vulture and the Dragon - both of which will be covered in certain details here, too.

      Fallen Angels having sexual relationship to the daughters of Adam are well known among the more darker oriented companions of our time. Shemyaza and his angels inspired even (dark) romantic authors like Bram Stoker, who authored Dracula. The Wings of Mighty Simurgh are covering the story of this angels, their heritage and their backgrounds,

      The abstract images were being created by myself and are of course subject to the copyright laws. They were created for this Website only and try to tell some things which cannot be verbalized. Other images I am using here are of course subject to the same copyright laws. Unfortunately not all images I used have known origins. In these cases where I do not know the author I am clearly mentioning this. Any image I use of authors who have objections against the useage in this context should notify me - the consequences are drawn quickly and the image will be removed.

      Now I wish you a good time with Shemyaza, who is eager to tell you a really strange story.

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