The Wings of Mighty Simurgh

Informations on the author.

    Many visitors to my Websites think that they were being built and maintained by several people because of their multifacetted contents. I can assure you here and now that this is not the case. They are being maintained by only one person at all: I myself. The Websites are showing personal approaches on certain themes which I developed over the years of magic and shamanic practice and of private researches. It all began far before my actual life, which got a start off in 1969. During childhood my spiritual companions already made their appearance: the peacock, the phoenix, the andean condor and of course dragons. Apu Kuntur entered my life when I was three and a whole website is dedicated to this great spirit. The Flight of the Condor was released in 1997 and has grown to an instance on shamanism in the www. Some details which I mentioned there already are going to be revisited and elaborated further here in this Website. It is very usefull to have a closer glimpse on it.

     I visited the High-School and graduated in 1991. During that time I had first conscious contacts with ceremonial magic and its practice. It was my father who opened up this stream of spirituality to me and I am still grateful for that. It took many years to comprehend this kind of stuff but this early beginning gave me the chance to have a really good start at it without inner problems. My first practical works were dream control and Spare's ZOS KIA Cultus. During Juli 91 my father died and only three months later I began to shamanize. The spirits always are directing my steps and I went to University to study cultural anthropology in Munich in 1991, too. The following five years I learned much on shamanic practice in the FSS with Paul Uccusic. Parallel to these studies more and more ancient roots of my magical practice appeared in my life: the culture of the Yezidi which adore the Angel Peacock, the Zoroastrian religion, the old indian Veda and the Thora were my center of interest during my studies in Munich. Slowly my own path crystalized to a tangible gestalt. It was in 1999 when I first get some knowledge of the ancient Watcher Culture. It fascinates me because I found many coinciding things in my life so far which all showed some connection to this culture. In 2002 I was trained in the TRV - protocols and have now a powerful tool to receive informations and to train my awareness. Consequently a series of TRV - sessions led to my awakening and realizing that I am an Otherkin (one who is appearing like a human but is something completely different). Since 2003 in August more and more informations are fitting together and offering me a really amazing picture - of myself and a good part of unrecorded human history. My own insights are rounding up the rather dry parts of more scientific informations I am summarizing here.

     Many people are requesting informations on my teachers. Well, I have a problem with this request because many of my teachers are spirits living in the Otherworld. They simply do not want their names to be revealed. The same problem I usually have with my real-life teachers who most of the time are living outside the common paths of magic and shamanism. Another thing I want to mention here is that many persons tend to call me shaman or want to know whether I am a shaman or not. In germany there is no traditional shamanic culture left for many centuries now. It is slowly re-emerging but the term in itself is simply not a native one here. I have solved this problem in calling myself a spellsinger (or Bannsänger) which is exactly that what I am doing during shamanizing a client, during magick or other spiritual deeds. I was recognized as shaman in the siberian tuvinean culture in 1995 when the tuvinean delegation visited europe for the first time. For my own part shaman is simply kind of description which makes things easier to comprehend for the most people.

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